Wado-Ryu Karate

Wadō-ryū was set up by Hironori Ōtsuka in the late 1930’s. Hironori Ōtsuka (1892-1982) began learning martial arts at the age of 6. Later, he studied karate in Gichin Funakoshi’s school. Due to a difference of understanding in karate with Funakoshi, Hironori Ōtsuka set up his own school in 1936, naming it Wadō-ryū. Ōtsuka stripped down his training of all of the moves that he perceived as dispensable.

Since Wadō-ryū, to some degree, can be regarded to be derived from Shotokan, it shares lots of same features in routines with Shotokan. But, of course, it has a number of its own characteristics. For instance, it has taken a lot of jujitsu techniques and incorporated it into a, perhaps, more complete system.

What Wadō-ryū impresses people most is its combat techniques. A number of the combat champions of karate are from the Wadō-ryū lineage.

Here is a video with Master Tatsuo Suzuki demonstrating some of Wadō-Ryū Karate techniques

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