Shorin Ryu

Shōrin-ryū is one of the oldest styles of karate founded by Choshin Chibana in 1933. Shōrin is the pronunciation of ‘Shaolin’, as in the Shaolin Temple in China in Okinawan. Choshin Chibana had travelled to China and learned Shaolin martial arts. Therefore, he named his school Shōrin-ryū in honor of the Chinese Shaolin roots.

Shōrin-ryū, which is considered to be a combination of lots of traditional Okinawan fighting styles, generally features natural breathing, natural (narrow, high) stances and circular movements. This is opposed to say, Shotokan Karate, which utilizes low, powerful stances.

Here is a video showing Shōrin-ryū training in progress. Try to ignore the fact that the epic music doesn’t really fit:

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