Budokan Karate

Budokan was founded in 1966 by Chew Choo Soot in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Chew Choo Soot (1922-1997) had been a weight lifting legend in Malaysia before he started learn karate. At the age of 20, he saw a Japanese military officer practicing karate coincidently and was immediately impressed. Later, he spent 2 years training together with the officer until the officer went back to Japan in 1945.

Later, Chew went to Japan  to further his karate level. He would also  go on several trips to Taiwan to learn kung-fu and oriental weapons. Finally, in 1966, he set up his own dojo.

Since its foundation, Budokan had gained a rapid development grown to expand over the world.

Here you can see Buokan Karate students performing Kata

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